The Global Village – A Place Where You Cannot Go Wrong

Adam Grinfeld, Global Village 2007

September 2007

Pieter, the guide, kept on saying: “You’ll see boy, it’s all going to change once you get back to your home country”. I was pessimistic, but I’ve changed!

The Global Village experience for me started with many concerns originated from various uncertainties, much like anything new in life, but the moment I entered the admission room on a Saturday night was the moment that I started realizing this summer is going to be great. After checking in I had to go to my dorms with my luggage, by the time I got to my room I’ve already met 40 villagers, 39 of which have already invited me for a drink… that was the Global Village atmosphere, an atmosphere that was built on the premises of a small village where everyone is taking an active part to compile a beautiful mosaic of cultures that formulate into one big piece of art. The Global Village is a safe haven, it’s much like a lab test environment, it’s a place where you can not go wrong, for me that was a place that allowed me to go to the extent and to see for myself what I could achieve and the person I could be.

Global Village 2007

The diversity of personalities, professions, ages, origins is breathtaking, the activities carried out by the Global Village made sure we interact with each and every villager on the personal level.
I would divide the Global Village experience into two parts: The day and the night. During daytime, we all put on the business look and go down to the Rauch Business Center situated down the hill of the fabulously constructed Lehigh campus, each day is a world of knowledge and experiences whether it is the executive sessions that were brought from all over the globe from a multiplicity of professions with amazing life stories, or project days with the project peers from Germany, Russia, Georgia, Spain and Kazakhstan all closed in a room accompanied by an experienced reach project mentor (in our case a brilliant guy named Michael Conway formerly a VP for the Famous AT&T organization) trying to come up with an ingenious approach to penetrate the US and Russian market with a Warehouse Management Software consultancy service.

“The Global Village is a safe haven, it’s much like a lab test environment, it’s a place where you can not go wrong”

Or whether it is a course day or country panels, or company visit trips or any other number of remarkably designed and coordinated activities that allowed us, villagers, to enrich our knowledge and interact with each other. The night part of the Global Village would be best be described by using the words: mind-blowing, crazy, hilarious and naughty, the Global Village nights would easily compete with any summer festival in an exotic location and were never compromised by the morning part even at the expense of not sleeping at all for a few days.

Team Building – GV 2007

I developed deep and intimate relationships with fellow villagers; I do not hesitate to call them friends for a lifetime as I know they will be there in times of need. As well as building a solid and extremely loyal professional network at the Global Village.
I am thankful for the opportunity the Entrepreneurship Center at IDC and the Iacocca Institute at Lehigh University gave me and encourage everyone to challenge themselves to go ahead and apply to this unique life-changing experience.
I will be at the disposal of anyone who expresses interest in the Global Village, just drop me an email.