You become a better version of yourself

Ilai Soloducho, Global Village 2014

October 2017

I remember that during GV, Israel was fighting in Gaza. Zionism and representing Israel is a major part of my personality and education. We decided as a group to gather ALL GV students and do a Q&A evening, where they’ll have the opportunity to open their “local Ynet” (CNN,BBC,EL-PAIS, etc) and ask us questions about our perspective (for example, “Why Israel does X and not Y?”). This was an outstanding event, in which we could hear other people’s opinions and share our ideology and experience.

A couple of years ago I even got the chance to visit a good friend of mine from GV, that got married in India. These were four unforgettable days! Attending an Indian wedding is an incredible experience, which opened me to new ceremonies, costumes and people that I’ve never seen before!”

Global Village 2014